NBA 2K17 Wishlist

u4nba Date: May/06/16 22:38:35 Views: 2116

2K has begun the development of NBA 2K17 after successfully releasing NBA 2K16 in September 29 of 2015. We can expect the release of NBA 2K17 in 2016.Snooping around the net you can find a few rumored features to be added in 2K latest addition to NBA 2K series but none of them have been any evidence of being the truth.

Here are a few improvements gamers wants to been improved in NBA 2K17. (NBA 2K17 Wishlist)


1. STOP the ball going right through a player body (This has been going on since 2K13) FIX IT!


2. Have the "Slam Cam" different angles (Cause you might do a dunk on the side and you can't see it)


3. In MyCareer you can request more minutes for you and OTHER players. (If players are out of form and someone is in form you want them to get more minutes you are able to request minutes) 


4. You can chose your path in MyCareer to make it more like MY CAREER. (In this 2K all you get to chose is who you play for and what High School and college you go to. 


5.You can be able to change the camera angle on practice (It's hard to do practice with that camera angle)


6.The drills should be on your positions (Not drills like Boston for a PG, there for PF and C not a PG)


7. Some animation 2K need to fix (Like some C being faster then PG and PG able to get a rebound over a C) 


8. Atmosphere needs to get better (Like when I do a crazy ally-oop the crowd just claps. They need to be going crazy and jumping off their seats. 


9. In the All-Star game their should be different animation to a normal game and their is no much defense played (It's the All-Star game, the players are playing like it's game 7 on the NBA Finals)


10. If a player has a expression badge they should be able to give away tech fouls and get kicked out (Only if something gets called ageist them and they don't like it) 


11. We should be able to upload our own music to the game (But 2K will need to approve the song you put on because its a G game)


12. Get rid of the invisible game on MyPark (2K should of got rid of this this 2K but its back)


13. Get rid of you shooting through the backboard (This is very old and needs to be removed ASAP)


14. Lights going out on MyPark (This is a new one but need to be gone ASAP aswell)


15. Able to shoot from the bottom on the ring (I thought this was allowed but then when I read it on the internet is wasn't)


16 You should be able to only use animations from your position (Some people on MyPark are using Jamal Crawford jump shot and their 7 foot) 


17. "The SuperMan Shot" (Where someone shots and the ball goes 50-100 feet in the air and lands in the basket


18. Evey Day you play 2K you get 1k VC (It will make people play 2k more)


19. Badge Progress (To See how close you are to getting badges in game ect. Dimer 768/1000 Assist)


20. All Star Rep Bar Glitch (Like you play 500 games and you win most and it won't move)


21. You Shot Been Broken (Like Curry with 98 3 Point Rating MISS A WIDE OPEN 3)'


22. There is 2 many blocks (Like I'm scared to drive to the basket with D-Rose cause I know I'm going to get blocked. 


I will Edit this as 2K16 gets older and find more bugs/ideas