NBA 2K18 & Nintendo Switch: Zelnick Explained Switch

u4nba Date: Feb/09/17 14:14:38 Views: 1977

According to Take-Two Interactive supervisor Strauss Zelnick stated, he is extremely expecting to see Nintendo Switch do well, when he talking about this, recently, the organization's second from last quarter financial specialist call. Finally, Zelnick was asked related questions, including whether we can hope to see more titles declared sooner rather than later outside of an NBA 2K18 basketball game. 



"With regard to Switch, we're excited about Switch," Zelnick explained. "We're supporting Switch with NBA 2K18. We've said we're supporting the platform. I've said over and over again that when Nintendo comes to market you never want to count them out. So, we're excited about it. The only thing we've announced so far is the basketball title."


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