NBA 2K18 & The LaVar Ball Run: One Of Animations That Fan Favorite

u4nba Date: Sep/20/17 16:12:44 Views: 2528

Nearly every players clearly remembers the most exciting moment of from NBA 2K basketball video game. NBA 2K18 brings new features and animations, one of those animations is quickly turning into a fan favorite: the LaVar Ball run. This is one of the many animations that can be done while running around The Neighborhood, a MyCareer mode exclusive.



Everybody remembers Ball's strange wrestling moment where he stormed the ring and ran in the most awkward way possible. Now, with NBA 2K18, you can have your created player run just like Ball all over the place. A game can be good and fun to play, but sometimes all players want is the ability to run around town looking like a doofus to make themselves giggle. 


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