NBA 2K18: Kyrie Irving May Have Changed Addresses And Jerseys

u4nba Date: Sep/11/17 04:10:46 Views: 2270

As NBA 2K18's cover athlete, Kyrie Irving stressed that he wanted to be more of a focal point on the team and that he no longer had a desire to play alongside LeBron James. At Oracle arena, Kyrie Irving drives against the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals. In earlier this week, an updated NBA 2K18 cover has been revealed by 2K Sports. Related cover images and more the latest videos, see more at here



NBA 2K18 will be released this September 15th on multiple platforms. According to official website, Kyrie Irving in a Boston Celtics uniform, to be released at a later date. If you are getting the physical version of the game at launch, you will still be getting the older cover with Kyrie Irving in Cleveland Cavaliers gear. Kyrie Irving may have changed addresses and jerseys, but he'll remain on the cover of National Basketball Association 2K18, 2K Sports revealed on Thursday morning.


National Basketball Association 2K players will finally get to test out Irving and fellow new Celtic Gordon Hayward when the popular video game is released on September 15. Thomas also was better in the fourth quarter, averaging 9.8 points, the highest mark in the league. This year we can see Kyrie Irving in a Boston Celtics jersey. Compared against each other, Irving is the better National Basketball Association player.


On Sunday, Kyrie Irving retweeted a video from the team Twitter account that showed him giving his dad Drederick his first Celtics jersey. NBA 2K18 soon to be launched, more information will be irregularly updated on U4NBA, good reputation, safe and professional, aiming to meet all players' needs, do you intend to buy NBA 2K18 MT? U4NBA is undoubtedly your first choice.