NBA 2K18: Patch 1 Addressed Many Issues But There's Still Work To Do

u4nba Date: Sep/29/17 14:13:22 Views: 2532

In multiple areas of NBA 2K18, we have been seen improvements, however, there are still aspects that need to be addressed, especially for when NBA 2K18's the first patch was released. Some parts of the game that require the most attention, as well as many issues such as the primary function of the update and early fixes were to address data loss issues, framerate, general instability in some online modes and a few bugs in a variety of modes. 


Let's Know These Main Issues: 


Create-A-Player Options



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MyTeam Domination Issues

The classic domination feature is broken. Fans haven't been getting the proper rewards for uniform packs. When you have modes based on task completion and rewards, the latter has to come through 100 percent of the time.


Overall MyCareer Instability

The Neighborhood in MyCareer is amazing. We're literally training, practicing, playing pick-up games, NBA games, H-O-R-S-E, one-on-ones, creating t-shirts, buying tattoos, haircuts and a ton of other stuff in one mode. But, the instability has to be addressed. Fans can't lose all they've worked to attain within the mode. 


The No Duplicates Roster Function Is Broken For MyGM And MyLeague

This year, 2K piggybacked off the legends roster concept and built in an option for users to eliminate duplicates. If you start a MyGM or MyLeague with these designations in the settings, you'll notice almost every elite player is completely removed from the league. This needs to be fixed soon as it could be crippling fans' plans to start a MyLeague or MyGM. 


MyGM Championship And Other Accomplishments Should Have Large VC Rewards

MyGM would be more attractive to MyCareer and MyTeam fans if winning a championship produced a bigger VC reward. It would be fair to ensure fans user-control a team for at least the clinching game, but winning a title in the mode is a major accomplishment. Giving an attractive amount of VC would get the attention of MyCareer and MyTeam players, and potentially convert some of them to MyGM.


Aside from above these issues, including also clipping, no VC payments for play now online games, roster uploaders should get VC credit issues, you can go to website to know more. Even if some of these problems have been addressed in Patch 1, but there's still work to do.