NBA 2KTV Episode 34 Features MyTEAM Community Members

u4nba Date: May/15/17 11:55:59 Views: 3496

In the 34th episode of the 3rd season of NBA 2KTV, we have MyTEAM community members in the 2KTV studio to share their thoughts of the NBA 2K17 MyTEAM mode. We can also see a friendly MyTEAM competition between the hosts and community members.


Plus, Rachel meets with The Professor, Grayson Boucher to break down James Harden's signature moves and talking about how to pull them off in 2K. Also features are Champion Tips with Still Trill's Swizurk.



A1: Any Answer

A2: Any Answer

A3: Any Answer

A4: Any Answer

A5: Pro Stick

A6: Any Answer

A7: Any Answer

A8: Any Answer

A9: Speed

A10: Penny Hardaway




According to NBA 2KTV, it's Week 1 of the Top Play of the Year Playoffs. Players can vote on which play they want to see in the finals now.