NBA 2KTV S3. Episode 17: The Second Week Of Qualifications

u4nba Date: Jan/14/17 13:52:59 Views: 1675

This week's episode, the NBA 2KTV panel which consists of the host Rachel Demita, Scott O'Gallagher and Chris Manning discusses the 12 qualified teams and how the bracket is shaping up. 


In the 17th episode of season 3 of 2KTV for NBA 2K17, they offer winning strategies and tips for teams aiming to fill the remaining spots. Plus, Rachel show us how easy it can be to boost your MyPLAYER through your Fitbit.



Here are Episode 17's correct answers for the interactive NBA 2K17 2KTV quiz to win VC and more.


Q1: Do you think Drewkerbockers HG will qualify for the All-Star Tournament?

A1: Any Answer - 50 VC


Q2: Which of these qualified 2K Pro-Am teams also participated in last year's tournament?

A2: Latenitecrew TMS


Q3: What do you think is most important when qualifying for the All-Star Tournament?

A3: Any Answer - 50 VC


Q4: What is your favorite way to "get your steps up"?

A4: Any Answer - 50 VC


Q5: What do you think is the best way to get a high team score during qualification?

A5: Any Answer - 50 VC


Q6: What can a "Stretch Big" do better than other Forwards & Centers?

A6: Shoot Three Pointers - 100 VC


Q7: Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Month!

A7: Any Answer - 50 VC




Check the video and win the free VC by answering the 7 questions.