NBA 2KVR Experience Features Paul George As Guide In Game

u4nba Date: Nov/23/16 13:26:21 Views: 1852

Days ago, the trophy list for NBA 2KVR Experience has been leaked out by Exophase (via Pasta Padre). The list has not be announced by 2K Sports now, but there is the game trailer we can learn. Still, this would be the first licensed sports video game to make a dedicated VR offering. 


After NBA 2K17 released this year, 2K Games announced that a second version of NBA 2K called NBA 2KVR is available for the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and for the PlayStation VR. They also have plans on launching the sports-based VR game for the Oculus Rift, too.


The 13 achievements don't speak to the full delivery of NBA 2K17 into virtual reality, but more of a series of minigames. Party events, three-point shooting challenges and time attack modes, skill challenge, buzzer beater are all referenced within them. 


In the NBA 2KVR experience, the players will become the NBA 2K17 and All-Star Paul George coverage athlete as they cross the Indiana Pacers arena, Bankers Life Fieldhouse. "I am looking forward to seeing the fans evolving on this virtual parquet floor with the virtual help of Gatorade," says Paul George, NBA 2K17 muse, who will guide the player and give him valuable advice to accomplish the various challenges proposed, including the Mythical three-point shooter competition, as well as address challenges and the buzzer beater. Gatorade bonuses can be unlocked to improve our shots, speed, recovery and more in order to reach the top of the ranking. "NBA 2KVR will give fans even more access to our franchise and test new skills through entertaining RV challenges." And with friends.



Here is the list of the 13 achievements:



Complete any Skills Challenge Course, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.



Complete a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.



Complete a Time Attack game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.


Party Time

Complete any Party Single Event, on any difficulty (main user only).


Friend Zone

Complete a Party Tournament, on any difficulty (main user only).


Fueled Up

Consume every type of boost, and complete a game with each boost, in SOLO mode.


Tricked Out

Unlock all Skills Challenge Courses, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.


The Alternator

Sink every other shot in a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.


Ultimate Challenger

Reach challenge 10 (and sink the basket successfully) on Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.


Three-Point Master

Complete a Three-Point game without missing a single shot, on Pro difficulty, in SOLO mode.


Time Lord

Achieve a catch-to-release time of less than 10.0 seconds and never miss a shot, on Pro or All-Star difficulty in Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.


Sink King

Complete a Time Attack game without missing a single shot, on any difficulty, with at least 15 successful baskets, in SOLO mode.


Missin' Impossible

Complete Course 10 of Skills Challenge on All-Star difficulty, without a single miss, in SOLO mode.


What the mini-game affair looks like you can see the trailer below, let's have a look.




The game costs almost twice the price of NBA 2K17 on Android and iOS, but considering it's a VR title, which shrinks the potential market by a big margin, the price appears to be justified, so 2K can make their money back and then some. It’s available for download as of November 22, whenever that hits you, for PlayStationVR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR through the appropriate app stores.


There’s going to be an Oculus Rift version released at a later date but they don’t say exactly when. There are still no more official news on 2KVR Experience, but we'd like to see what the whole game will be like.