NBA2K17:Kobe Bryant Will Always Be Our Super Idol

u4nba Date: Jul/11/16 13:36:26 Views: 2132

Since our idol Kobe Bryant announced he was retired in 14th, April,2016, someone said this is the end of basketball century. But for me, i have my opinions to express.




Kobe Bryant is my idol when i was a very little kid, when i was in junior school, i start to know him, and fall in love with the basketball, every moment when he played in the court left a deep impression to me, i imitated his strategies and handsome actions when i had PE class. Though my hands and legs was not flexible as my idol’s. However i still love the basketball game.

Next, let us review Kobe Bryant and the performance he made in his teem. Kobe Bryant was born in 23rd, August 1978, his birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1996, he has played for the NBA LosAngeles Lakers, it is just exactly 20 years that he devoted his career.

Kobe is one of the NBA's best scorer, he is very good at making breakthrough, shooting, free throws, three-pointers. He has almost no offensive blind, he won 81 points in single-game, this is the best proof to show his professional abilities. In addition to win scores, Kobe is also outstanding in organizational talents. He often served as the first sponsor of the offensive team. And he is one of the best league's best defender, personal defense is very oppressive. During his career, his personal score is 33643, how proud as his fans, he deserves to win the world’s applause and respect.

After he retired, our circle of friends is filled with his news. You can see his news in all social network, but i can not bear that some false fans pretend to feel pity about Kobe’s retirement. Because they knew nothing about Kobe at all. Some of them thought Kobe is a movie star, a singer, how funny it was! More abnormal thing was some one thought he was dead, and wish god bless him, may be after Kobe looked this news, he will be angry, after all he just retired from his career.

Kobe Bryant is a tale legend that no one can match, there will never be another Kobe. He was a once in a lifetime spectacle. No other work ethic like his. I can't see any current players matching what he did. His status can not replaced by anyone else.

Kobe Bryant, you will always be our idol, whenever,wherever you are! The last thing i want to tell you is if you want to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT, you can buy in our store.