PoE 3.3 Lifting's Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion

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The Champion is a defensive/support class that can act as a tank for their celebration by taunting and debuffing enemies, buffing their allies with an aura, or Intimidate enemies to reduce their defenses. They bolster their very own defenses with Fortify, such as the ability to permanently Fortify themselves, or obtain a burst of Adrenaline at low life for improved harm and defenses. The tree grants increased armor and evasion rating across the board to additional bolster their survivability too

PoE 3.3 Lifting

In the subsequent encouraged builds, your gems have to be fully level within the gem settings below, otherwise, it is going to not perform correctly. In the event you accidentally exceed the gems, you may sell them for the supplier to pan the ball, downgrade it to 1. or sell it using a regrettable ball to downgrade it to level 1. At the same time, we mentioned the Ancestors of Bond. Really need to be reminded that once you Pick it up, your character can no longer hurt the enemy. You may have to depend on your totem. Even though the ancestor's binding will avoid you from causing harm, it is possible to jump to the enemy, and less than 10% of the enemies will nevertheless trigger the culling effect, therefore killing the enemy.


NO.1 Warchief Totem Champion video:

- Beginner and new league "friendly" - the build is very simple in design and execution.
- Budget-friendly. Start with rare items and upgrade towards the suggested unique items after you are able to afford it.
- Easy and fast to level.
- Very tanky.
- Permanent Fortify & Onslaught.
- High life regeneration, making labyrinth traps easier to deal with.
- Your totems can taunt, making bosses much significantly less dangerous.
- Good for farming Uber lab, Atziri and Guardians. The shaper is doable too should you upgrade from Kondo's Pride to Starforge.

- Some people don't enjoy the "totem playstyle"

NO.3 Gem Setup
Damage setup:
Ancestral Warchief, Maim, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Concentrated Effect (5-link) & Ruthless (6-link).

Mobility, Cull & Curse
Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, Culling Strike & Vulnerability.

Utility 1:
Enduring Cry, Improved Duration, Stone Golem & Life Leech.

CWDT Setup
CWDT (lvl 6), Immortal Call (lvl 8), Vortex (lvl 9), Inc. Duration (max level).

NO.4 Leveling Tip
1. Level 1-12: Use Cleave, linked with Chance to Bleed & Maim.
2. Level 12+ until you grab Ancestral Bond: Use sunder using a 2-handed ax, mace or staff. Link Sunder with Chance to Bleed, Maim and when you reach level 18 and/or get have a 4-link add in Melee Physical Damage
3. As soon as you get Ancestral Bond, start using Warchief Totems, optimally in a 4-link.
4. Level 50-60+ try getting yourself a cheap 5-linked armor for your Warchief setup.
5. Level 61+ Get Kondo's Pride.
until you choose up blood magic and/or use the brutality support gem I??d recommend running Herald of Ash and Hatred for a nice temporary harm boost.

NO.5 Bandit quest:
Help Oak (Phys harm, mitigation, and life regeneration!)

NO.6 Unique items
- Wanderlust
- Goldrim

- 2x The Screaming Eagle
- Limpsplit
- Wideswing
- Reaper's Pursuit
- Rigwald's Charge

These projects will be more expensive at the beginning of the alliance, and then the price will drop.
You can choose to stick to rare items during the leveling process, or you could go to our U4gm website to buy cheap Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb and use them to purchase the equipment you require.

NO.7 Uber Lab Farming:
1. 5000-6000+ Life
2. 75%+ to all elemental resistances
three. 5-link +
4. 35.000+ DPS per totem
5. Avoid Essence + Conduits if the lab has those buffs that day. You are able to deal with 1, but not both at the similar time. At least not without too much risk

NO.8 The Shaper/Elder:
1. 6700+ Life
2. 75%+ to all elemental resistances
three. All 8 Ascendancy's
4. 5-link Stargeforge (you might want a 6-link)
5. 90.000+ DPS per totem
6. The Shaper/Elder fight are very mechanical fights. Don't expect to kill him of your first try. It takes practice.

NO.9 Gearing:
The first thing to note here is that 'life'and 'element resistance'are important attributes, and Attack speed, the flat physical harm of rings and gloves, and Intelligence. These three attributes, relatively speaking, are not very important.

until you get more accustomed to the labyrinth traps, I recommend using at least 2 health flasks. Also, before you get a Perseverance belt, consider using a Silver Flask, to apply onslaught.

- Maximum life
- Physical/Melee/Sword/Totem Damage/Area Damage
- Attack Speed
- Resistances

1. Seething Divine Life Flasks of Staunching
2. Ample Sulphur Flask of Heat (prevents you from getting frozen when opening strongboxes)
3. Avenger's Basalt Flask of Warding
4. Ample Quicksilver Flask of Heat
5. Lion's Roar

NO.10 PoB & skill tree

skill tree:
That for those who at any point will need more intelligence to level your gems then simply pick up the 30+ notables within the skill-tree and/or search the vendors for a Lapis Amulet.