Rumor: Patch 1.03 For NBA 2K17 For The Xbox One And PC Arrives

u4nba Date: Oct/06/16 17:05:21 Views: 1742

"NBA 2K17" has recently just launched, and just like previous installments, it allows players to input special locker codes that unlock special items or virtual currency, also known as VC. Fans of the franchise have discovered that some of the locker codes from the older title, "NBA 2K16," also work for "NBA 2K17."



We talked about how some of the older locker codes from NBA 2K16 could be used in NBA 2K17, but that is literally yesterday’s news. 2K Sports’ effort in bringing Patch 1.03 for the Sony PS4 is commendable to fix several niggling issues, but this has not been the case for Xbox One and PC gamers who are also having a go at NBA 2K17.


When is the update or the equivalent of patch 1.03 for NBA 2K17 for the Xbox One and PC arriving? Sooner rather than later, we hope. Word has it that Xbox One and PC gamers would be on the receiving end before the week is over, and 2K Games would surely know by now that every single moment that they leave a rather sizeable portion of their gamer base waiting, is a moment that sees continuing anger build up and seethe.


Patch 1.03 for NBA 2K17 will settle most of the major and minor issues found within the game, but do not expect NBA 2K17 to end up perfect either way. Bitbag has a list of the official 2K Sports patch notes, citing some rather important changes including substitutions made during timeouts taking effect right away, a fewer number of lob passes from the AI, as well as faster passes to teammates, among others.



Assuming you meet the necessary requirements in the MyCareer/MyCourt side of NBA 2K17, then the Ankle Breaker badge can be unlocked at long last. Other changes which might not be too noticeable at first would be a more understanding coach who no longer berates you for missing practices as you nurse an injury, a better control scheme, a well as attribute points earned from off-court events being saved properly to your character.


In the MyPARK/2K PRO-AM mode, one of the interesting changes would be this: your Gamertag/Online ID will now correctly show on the back of your team's Pro-Am jersey. Another previous blight was the fact that injuries in MyCAREER end up being carried over into MyPARK/Pro-Am games, which could prove to be hugely frustrating. Thankfully, the latest patch will no longer allow that to happen. In other words, regardless of your injury status in your career, your player will now always be fully healthy in MyPARK/Pro-Am.




Visually speaking, the game has also been improved in Patch 1.03 for NBA 2K17, ensuring that as far as possible, everything would look extremely realistic. The courts for the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks as well as several uniforms (like the Pacers 50th anniversary patch) have also been given a quick visual makeover in order to be a more faithful representation. Of course, 4K graphics would turn it into a visual feast, although we might have to wait for a few more years until that becomes reality. Hopefully the Xbox One and PC patch for NBA 2K17 will roll out sooner rather than later. Are you looking forward to the changes that have been made with Patch 1.03 for NBA 2K17?


Fans, on the other hand, will have to keep themselves updated about the latest news regarding "NBA 2K17" including its future locker codes. 2K Sports have yet to announce a new set of locker codes apart from the abovementioned ones.