Somethings About NBA 2K17 Game Cover Paul

u4nba Date: Aug/06/16 13:38:04 Views: 1887

Since the announcement was made back in May, the presence of Paul George on NBA 2K17 game cover has been the cause of some serious speculation. While this might be easily dismissed by casual players of the game, some hardcore fans have noticed that the NBA 2K17 game cover features Paul in his Team USA uniform. There are a lot of NBA goodies to be included for pre-orders, including 5,000 to 100,000 virtual currency, hoodies, jersies, posters, black mamba controllers, and Panini Kobe trading cards.

It’s unclear at this time if the Seattle SuperSonics are a pre-made expansion option, however you do have the option to use a “classic team” in your expansion league. If past games are any indication, this will include the 1996 Sonics team that went to the NBA Finals. If you don’t want to create an entirely new league but do want to add the Sonics, This speculation has led to some further very interesting possibilities, if 2K were to actually go through with the plan. The release date for "NBA 2k17" has been long revelead for a couple of days now, with the pre-orders on-going.

Some rumors, however, hinted that there would be delays due to an unbalanced team lineup after Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. Even if you select not to expand from the beginning, it’s possible the league could decide to do it organically in MyGM and MyLeague modes. While I certainly wouldn’t expect the real NBA to expand to 36 teams, a little life imitating art would be nice to see here. This is, after all, an officially licensed product. I’m not insinuating that this is some kind of indicator that the league will be expanding.

In a news entry from Chatt Sports Net, unconfirmed speculations about the delay on the release date for "NBA 2k17" are looming online and among fans. No confirmation nor denial were made by official 2k developers though. The game could feature all Olympic teams from 1992 to 2016 and players could have the opportunity to pit different iterations of the teams against each other as well as create their own custom team by using players from different years. If NBA 2k17 really wants to include the authentic Olympic experience, they should get as many international players and country licenses as they can so users can replicate the actual Olympic games.

All the way through awarding bronze, silver and gold medals. You will have the option to download custom team packs from the NBA 2K servers, or you can design the team yourself from top to bottom. "NBA 2k17" will be released this coming Sep. 20 and four days earlier for those who have pre-ordered it. Pre-orders are now available for fans to secure the standard Early Tip-Off, Kobe Bryant Legend Edition, and Kobe Bryant Legend Edition-Gold for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with prices at $59.99, $79.99, and $99.99 respectively.