Steph Curry May be Get A Big Improvement in NBA 2K17

u4nba Date: May/07/16 14:29:26 Views: 2689

Based on Curry’s 2016 NBA Playoff performance and his performance this year that helped the Warriors win a record number of games the developers are working to make the virtual Curry perform as good as the real life Curry.

The previous installment of the video game series showed a virtual Steph Curry that fans were not particularly happy with. It was stated that the character did not reflect the real skills of the NBA player, as "NBA 2K16" showed the player with a high percentage of successful three pointers.


Fans started questioning the title, complaining that the virtual character did not follow the mechanics of the game's standard algorithm. The game usually uses a mold that will determine the success of a character's shot, depending on the distance, pressure, and traffic.


With that, fans are expecting the upcoming "NBA 2K17" to see a better version of Steph Curry. During a podcast titled "Sporting News Press Row," gameplay director Mike Wang and gameplay producer Scott O'Gallagher promised fans that they are looking to fix the problem for the upcoming game.


Wang stated, "Generally, taking deep shots, 30-35 feet, or shooting in traffic, or shooting off the dribble, we naturally penalize those things. Everyone in the league more or less gets penalized in kind of the same way, as they take these bad shots."


Wang also explained that in a real life game, taking daring shots do affect the performance of the players. However, he stated that they are working hard to develop a virtual Curry that is similar to the real life version.


The director said, "Let's create something to break the rule, and that's what we'll probably be doing with Steph, and that's what 'Badges' are basically designed to do."


With that, fans will have to wait until the release of the game to see what improvements will be made to the player. We will provide Cheap NBA 2K17 MT on PC, Xbox One, PS4 soon.