TERA Guide - Ways To Get Mounts Faster

u4nba Date: Jul/06/18 10:23:37 Views: 10057

In TERA, if you have no option to teleport from one place to another, then we're here to talk about mounts you should take. The first mount you will ever get is at level ~11 when you arrive in Velika. It's a basic mount with a movement speed of 240. And after that, you should forget getting a mount for a long time. Here's why.



Most of the mounts are usually too expensive for new players, from a minimum of ~15.000g and can go up to hundreds of thousands of gold. So basically you won't have the required amount of money to buy them. However, there are a few alternatives. You can also go to U4GM, where you can get a lot of cheap Tera Gold easily and smoothly.


Sparky - It's a permanent raptor mount with a speed of 275. You can get it within a few hours of traveling around the world, completing achievements. You might need a help of a level 65 who'll protect your butt in high-level areas.

Moonsilk carpet - Despite its flying capabilities, actually it's a "land" mount with a speed of 280. Although you can get it for free, it's not that easy. The achievements of this are locked behind seasonal events (Rootstock and Bamarama), so it might take a year until you finally get it.

Black Pearl - A 275 mount that you get if you win 150 times in Corsair's Stronghold (PvP).

Black Leopard - A cute "kitten" with a speed of 275 that requires months of reputation farming in most factions.

Events - Sometimes there are events in which you can get a mount, either temporary or permanent. It always varies.

Different kinds of flying dragons - Hard to tell but they are all basically the same speed so I won't go into details. Currently, there's an event where you can earn temporary dragons (4 days), not sure how long this event stays.


The most straightforward way to earn a Steel dragon is to farm Dragonwing scales. 10 Dragonwing scales have to be converted in order to have a chance to get it. Then you either get one or receive a Dragon scroll piece. To avoid RNG, after 40 dragon scroll pieces (which is 400 Dragonwing scales) you are guaranteed to get a Mighty Steel dragon. If you get it on a character that doesn't really need it (like a low geared alt) make sure your bank and redeem it on someone else.


Dragonwing scales are vanguard rewards at level 65 if you do hard dungeons or Corsair's Stronghold / Fraywind Canyon (PvP). You have to complete 400 hard dungeons/PvPs (with 16 Vanguard quests limited per day) so that means it's a 25-day grind to obtain one, assuming you complete all 16 quests that give you one. Or less if you get lucky.


With patch 61, you can also farm these dragonwing scales from high-level BAMs found on the Island of Dawn. However, those quests are limited (3*12 tokens/ day/character). Occasional mounts that you get for free when a major patch hits. Gameforge is usually kind enough to give us 1 random mount. And U4GM is going to share some great Tera guides for you, and don't forget that you can buy Tera Gold from our website at your convenience.