The huge impact on Warriors because of Green's Absence

u4nba Date: Jun/14/16 22:53:22 Views: 2010

According to ESPN’s reporter Michael Stern, league now has begun to look back at James and Green conflicts videos Finals Game 4, and may be made to the Green ban from the sport. Green's absence will be a huge impact on the Warriors. During the playoffs, when Green's points, rebounds and three assists this three data are not on two-time data, the Warriors record is 0-3.

After Kohl was elected the best coach of the season, he said such remarks: "Without Green, we will be in trouble, we will become too quiet, we'll play too soft, he is the 'heart'. " Are the Warriors really important to Green? It must be important.

In the playoffs this season, Green averaged 15 points, 9.7 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.9 blocks and 1.6 steals per game, ranked 28th in the standings playoff scoring, rebounds in the playoffs standings ranked No. 5 in the playoff standings assists 9 (Curry only the first 10), ranked No. 6 in the playoff standings cap, ranked 14th in the playoffs steals, He is rebounder, assists, steals and blocked shots of Warriors.

This season, Green missed only one game (this year January 14), the game Warriors 110-112 loss to the Nuggets. We know that the other players in Warriors are played in game, although Curry scored 38 points and nine assists, but also appeared 8 turnovers.

In game 3 of NBA Finals, Greene took six points, seven rebounds and seven assists, and the Warriors to 90-120 defeat to the Cavaliers; the Western Conference finals the game 3, Green shot only 6 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists , the Warriors 105-133 loss to the Thunder; the first round of the game 3, Green only scored nine points, seven rebounds, seven assists and seven turnovers, the Warriors 96-97 loss to the Rockets.

These data have proved the importance of the Green to Warriors. Green can share the playmaking pressure with Curry, he was able to make Curry put more effort into the top score. If there is no Green, there is no small glass slide Warriors lineup. Green can rebound on the defensive end, to steal, to cover, the Warriors lost six playoff games among Green only 1 offensive rebounds double. More importantly, Green can not only defend the opponent's inside and outside players, but also has the body and strength to against the James.

The NBA has officially announced that Golden State's Draymond Green will be suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals for hitting LeBron James in the groin during Game 4. Upon the league's review of the play, Green was assessed a Flagrant 1 for his actions which is his fourth flagrant of the post season- thus the automatic suspension.

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