The Important Features of NBA2k17 MT

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NBA 2K17 is the latest installment of the premier basketball video game series, NBA 2K. Developed by Visual Concepts since 1999, and published by 2K Sports since 2006, the game-series provides the most authentic NBA experience in the business. The game's recent editions have allowed players to simulate National Basketball Association games with real or created players, in varying game modes, including MyTeam, following the season of an NBA Franchise, MyPlayer, following the career of a real or created player, and standard single games. The game allows for single-player gameplay as well as multi-player.




The covers have traditionally featured the NBA's best players, and NBA 2K17 is no different: superstars Paul George and Kobe Bryant are featured in different editions. The most recent editions of the series are highly critically-acclaimed, and are regarded as some of the greatest sports games ever made.

Gameplay in both MyTeam and MyPlayer game modes features currency known as MT Points, or MT Coins. MT Points allow the player to buy certain abilities and unlock certain features, such as unlocking elite and legendary players that can be used, as well abilities that can be added to your created player. MT Points can be earned through reaching in-game milestones and completing accepted challenges during games, as well as mini-games. You can also use your MT to buy "Card Packs," which unlock players, abilities, and even more opportunities for MT growth. MT points can also be bought with your own hard-earned cash.

The system in recent editions has proved to be rather glitchy, and many players have found ways to earn tons of MT Points by taking advantages of these glitches. One of the easiest of these "glitches" is to hike up the ability levels of players to allow for easier completion of the challenges and milestones.