The NBA 2KTV Episode 30 Of 2K17 Featured Kyle Lowry

u4nba Date: Apr/16/17 22:37:40 Views: 4772

The episode 30 of NBA 2KTV featured Kyle Lowry who has just finished the regular season. Lowry shared his thoughts of what he loves most about Toronto and what he carries in his travel bag while on the road. This week's Top Plays focus on the Double Alley-Oops. In addition players can see some season news and the MyTEAM Lineup of the week in the Play Now Online part. 



A1: Grizzlies

A2: 2012

A3: New Orleans

A4: Any Answer

A5: Any Answer

A6: Any Answer


Check out the whole video on NBA 2KTV in NBA 2K17 or on the MyNBA2K17 app: