the NBA next team power rankings was announced

u4nba Date: Jun/16/16 14:29:01 Views: 2020

Media recently announced the next team power rankings, which is the future three seasons performance of each team to predict, measure 5 aspects, each out of 100 points. Golden State Warriors became the first in this list, knight back in the second, the Boston Celtics won the third, the Spurs and Thunder 4,5, the Rockets ranked 11th, while the Lakers were ranked 24th. Let us look at the recent top three.



1. Golden State Warriors (last ranking: 1)

Golden State Warriors are still the first. The gap behind the team is still great. Their lineup is still young and full of vitality, Curry is a two-time MVP, Green and Thompson is All-Star , Cole is the best coach, and they have the best all-linking front office operation. Many good players are longing to the Golden State free, flowing offensive system to play, no doubt, the next three seasons here would be the most likely to win a championship place.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (last ranking: 3)
Whatever happens next, the Cavaliers at least have proven their offensive potential, including those crazy three-point and start the playoffs 10-0. Over the past two seasons, The Cavaliers adapted to a variety of styles. Due to the presence of James, the Cavaliers are also free agents want to go. Taryn - Lu's office so that they score a lot of in operation capacity, but also allow them to overcome a lower score on the Financial and draft picks.

3. Boston Celtics (the ranking: 10)
Celtic to complete such a large leap thanks to Danny - Angelina layout, they have a lot of draft picks in the next two years, enough cap space, one of the league's best coach and a group of outstanding young players. Angie and Spurs Buford is perhaps the league's best traders, but over the next three seasons. It's hard to find a team that can pull the wrist with the knight.

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