The NBA Strongest Array :Free Agent Group of 12 People

u4nba Date: Jul/04/16 22:59:32 Views: 2004

This summer, a free agent a total of Buy NBA 2k16 MT 173, of which there are 34 centers, 40 power forward, small forward 36, SG 33, guard 30. So for those teams ample cap space, they could have formed from a dream team.




So the question comes, without exceeding the salary cap, since the formation of a champion team can do? The new season's salary cap has been finalized, 94 million, a substantial increase compared with last season. Of course, increasing the salary cap, meaning the maximum salary player's wage levels will rise linearly.

For example, Durant, his salary will reach 30% of the salary cap, or $ 28.2 million, while signed with other teams, the annual wage increase of 4.5% up to 4 years. Should James has played this season, more than 10 veterans in the league, he will have 35% of the salary cap, which is the starting salary of 32.9 million.

The so-called line-up should be set up in accordance with the Basic Law, empty-handed can produce a champion team, we can not mess up. For example Conley, DeRozan, James, Durant and Whiteside, then the United States can not just look, but in reality simply can not operate.
From this year's knights, warriors and even look, you want to participate in the title race, the team have to have two stars. For example, to complete the Cleveland comeback, in addition to James hit "full Zhan" mode, with Irving outbreak equally inescapable relationship. So should the team hopes to build a champion team, we have to have two superstars hold the line.

So this summer in free agency and Cheap NBA 2k16 MT what it called big? In fact, not many big stars in the true sense, it was only Durant and James. No wonder Morey interview with emotion, "this summer's free-agent opportunity is not good." Really big number is too small.