The world's best NBA player:LeBron James

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In the first finals of 2015-16 season, Warriors defeated the Clavaliers 89-104, people who don’t like James in the United States and around the world began to rave. In fact, no matter how many people love James, regardless of how many people hate LeBron James, he was already a great player.



May 28, Cavaliers beat Raptors 113-87, opponents 4-2, in the finals. When held in the eastern part of the championship awards ceremony, Cavaliers coach Taryn - Lu schematic James to lift the trophy. James shouted to Lue said, “You go!” When Lue, Kevin - Carrefour, Carey - Owen, who happily trophy, this man to bring glory to Ohio stood silently behind, willing to do the background plate.

James led the Cavaliers for two consecutive years into the medal finals, the opponent of this time is still the Warriors. In the final stage, it is impossible for James as silent as the Eastern Conference champions award ceremony, because the Warriors was too bright, and the Cavaliers do Warriors opponent. Warriors are now the hottest team in the championship, there is enough reason to be sought after - they are the defending champions, with two consecutive MVP player Stephen - Curry, against the Thunder when the big score 1-3 behind, still complete the big reversal with the strong toughness.

Even in the face of such Warriors, even was 2-4 out of by opponents in last final, James still claim to be 'the world's best player.' Even Curry ruled the NBA in the past two seasons, but James said you can still be difficult to refute. 13 seasons of his career rounded out the finals seven times, including six consecutive seasons now into the medal finals, he seems to have been eligible to make the finals renamed 'LeBron - James NBA Finals'.

James is the 4 regular season MVP, the two finals MVP, the 12 time all star. ESPN player in the history of rankings, ranked third James - he can be arbitrary score, calmly organize the team, control rebounds, One bit from defensive to fifth place. All of these are enough to make him become the NBA history the most versatile players. Thus, it is understandable for James announced that he is the NBA's best players.

"If a team has one of the best players in the world on guard, it is very difficult for you to beat them, but there is only LeBron - James in this world, for he can bring any change to team that he served" Raptors coach German - Casey said, after the Raptors was eliminated by the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals. Because for 6 consecutive years finals, James has been in the invincible condition in eastern part, he needs to prove himself in the NBA Finals.

And compared to the 2014-15 season, the Cavaliers is more powerful in this season, they have a healthy Owen and Carrefour. James ushered the best chance to win a championship in the Cavaliers career, if he can succeed, It will bring the first professional sports league champion for Cleveland since 1946. This achievement will greatly enhance the status of James, making him a hero in Cleveland, and the Cavaliers can give him a portrait before retiring.

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