useful tips to help you success in NBA 2K16

u4nba Date: Jun/11/16 00:34:23 Views: 2097

NBA 2K16 is one of the best basketball games of the generation, but how to win more games in NBA 2K16? Many players said the defense is difficult to break through the computer and that can be easily stolen, especially for the newcomers. Luckily, tips and tricks are on the way. Now, I will share some useful operating tips for you. It’s time to play smart.

Change direction and back turning tips: High speed and agility comes first, the higher of the ability, the higher of the success rate. It is unrealistic for you to choose a center forward if you want to holding-crossover. And small forward is only suitable for those small stature of 2 meters or 1.98 meters or so. Hold the accelerator key, then press the right joystick in one direction at will, and then press the second time again before the end of the fake action. Next, there will be appear actions retreat to the right or the left, immediately press the opposite direction before the end of this action. Under such circumstances, you can throw off the defensive player if you don’t release the accelerate key and press the direction all the time. Actions must be connected, otherwise it is easy to fail.

Holding-crossover tips: Keep a distance with the defenders. Enough distance enables you speed up without being blocked by defenders. Please remember that you need bring up the rhythm of defender and let him move around, and then let him face you sideways. If you find defenders with one foot in front and another foot in the rear, you can make a direct movement toward his back. As a result, his footsteps will not keep up with you.

Tips of how to change My Player height and position: Lots of people want to know how to change their height, position or shooting hand in NBA 2K16. The only way to do this is recreate your character. You can select “New My Career” from managed files sub-menu to create your new character. You can change your position, scoring style, height, weight,and left or right handedness from here. If you want to delete your My Player character again. This you will hit Square on ps4 or X on xbox to delete that character.

Tips of how to speed up without the consumption of your strength: These tips are suitable for NBA against and street. Without the ball running and defense state, press and hold the acceleration and the key together. Take control of function and timing by yourself.

Tips to play like a God in NBA 2K16: NBA 2K16 is a new edition of NBA 2K, unlike the real basketball, you have to work out the techniques of the game rather than buy a win or other ways. You should understand your own team’s strengths, whether using an existing NBA franchise or custom My Team roster. It is essential to work out not only which of your players are the most dangerous, but also why they are.

Tips of PF: Generally speaking, the perfect hollow sphere is impossible. PF is to predict the direction and then speed up in small step and rebound. Personally, the bounce height is related to your instantaneous physical strength. The probability of jumping and PF is greatly increased after the interior lines use the methods of saving physical strength.

Tips of how to double-team: Take care when selecting teammates to help with the double-team, for their man will be left open as a result. More importantly, don’t leave a competent shooter open around the arc. It’s also necessary to know when to release the button and revert to a more conventional defensive shape.