What time will the Rockets win the championship in your mind

u4nba Date: Jun/19/16 22:59:44 Views: 1999

As Jewish descent, Leslie - Alexander born a businessman, he was good at seizing opportunities to make money. Think back in the past, he bought the Rockets and it immediately won the two championship, the team is so profitable. Alexander signed with the champion selected Yao Ming, and got the equivalent of a cash cow.

Even Alexander is rich, it can not change his habit of stingy, his personal assets have jumped from $ 80 to 1540 million US dollars, but he refuses to spend extravagantly, has managed the Rockets for so many years, his team only has one luxury tax. For Alexander, nothing is more important than making money, it is on doubt that he is a super fans of basketball and he has championship dreams. However, what he cares about most is money. In terms of money, he never give in. Even if it has been accused of a lack of human touch. However, in 2003, he lost $ 150 million because of divorce.

Before buying the Rockets, Leslie - Alexander was a Knicks fan, he was born in a Jewish family in New Jersey. he graduated from New York University, majoring in economics, and later he also received Thomas - JD Jefferson University Bachelor of Science. In 1965, Alexander became a stockbroker in the Wall Street. In 1980, Alexander pioneered the investment company after he accumulated pot of gold.

In 1993 he captured a significant opportunity. Rockets owner Charlie - Thomas decided to sell the team, Alexander intervened to it immediately, at the time invested all his belongings $ 85 million. Alexander become the boss of Rockets. This is the most satisfied work in Alexander's life, for he has a good understanding of NBA status.

After bought the Rockets, they won the 1993-94 season and the team championship of 1994-95 season continuously. "I first bought the team in NBA history to get two consecutive champion's boss, when I got the Rockets, I realized this is a golden opportunity, because this team is so good. When I bought it, I think I've got a championship team. I have seen a lot of basketball, they lost to the Seattle supersonics a year before. They are likely to get the final victory, they are really great, they have the best players in the league." in 2003, Alexander, bought with the 10th anniversary of the Rockets once said.

As is known to all, since 2002, the assets of Alexander increased rapidly, and his personal assets had reached $12 billion in 2009, from the NBA's shabby boss ranks into the upper middle class. In many people's opinion, it is Yao Ming who made Alexander. Alexander once said: "I would like to thank Yao and McGrady, especially Yao, the development of the Chinese market has brought enormous business opportunities to me, and I also seize the opportunity."

On issues that related to money, Alexander’s usual practice is tough talk, business is business. His business idea does make him always able to avoid risks. Alexander is now 72 years old, he said he has two fun, one is to see his granddaughter happy, and the other is the hope that the Rockets win. It is not difficult for him to reach his first wish, but it is difficult to realize second wishes to achieve. Why is it difficult to win the championship? Maybe it's because Alexander is the boss of the Rockets.