Which Mode Do You Prefer To Play In NBA 2K17: MyLeague Or MyGM

u4nba Date: Mar/01/17 01:13:31 Views: 3206

As the title we post here, MyLeague mode and MyGM mode are both interesting mode that players like to play, but they also have some glitches make the game not so perfect. Here we'll post some vertan players' thoughts about these two modes.



Players Who Like MyGM Mode More


MyLeague is more fun, maybe, but MyGM is more satisfying. I see MyGM as more of a challenge and MyLeague as more of a sandbox. It really just depends on what you want to do. I like the nitty-gritty detail of MyGM, but if you want a slightly more casual (not a bad thing) experience MyLeague is the way to go.


One issue with MyGM is my owner will give me a demand to sign a player rated 86 or higher... then when free agency rolls around, all of the elite free agents resigned with their team. The highest rated player so far for me has been 84 and he was a RFA and was matched. With MyLeague, you can tweak the CPU Resigning rate.


MyGM by far. The amount of detail involved makes it just better, and you can also leave for other teams, whereas, at least in 2k15, you couldn't do that.


Someone Choose MyLeague Mode


Do you want to get hit with an 30+ second autosave/loading combo about 5 times per week simulated? If so then choose MyGM. No seriously, MyLeague is so much better without all those unnecessary cutscenes that makes a full season sim take hours when it should be done in less than ten minutes.


Usually MyLeague because MyGM is too inconsistent and wastes so much time with the small cutscenes talking to players and the owner and shit. I think MyGM is a solid idea but it gets old real fast.


MyLeague offers a ton of customization and is way more fun in my opinion. More sliders, easier to relocate/rebrand teams, less of a focus on keeping players/staff members happy, which imo is way too time consuming and repetitive this year.


MyLeague over MyGM. I would play MyGM if they made the player demands realistic or can be turned off, but a 72 OVR dude that I signed to play for the bench demanding minutes over a 95 ovr Vince Carter is simply not realistic, esp when morale/team chemistry take a hit when you ignore him.


MyGM involved way too much micro-managing for players this year. You have to address every complaint raised by players, or you'll have a really hard time keeping their morale up. So 5x a week you'll get one guy complaining practice is too light, one complaining practice is too intense, and two more complaining about playing time. Your choices for dealing with this stuff are really limited (usually coddle them, be a hard-ass, or ignore it) and two (sometimes all three) result in a morale drop.


Which mode would you like to play? MyLeague or MyGM. Post you thoughts below our official media, please.