Wishlist Of NBA 2K18 & Best Seller Of NBA 2K18 MT

u4nba Date: Feb/22/17 14:25:01 Views: 2205

"NBA 2K18" may not be announced yet, but it does have a spot on the Nintendo Switch launch, making it less relevant in June's event. 


According to Forbes, there are many new additions that would make the best NBA 2K18. The first one is customization in NBA 2K18. More Create-A-Player options, more Player Editing options will make the customization of the game funny. It would be so sweet once gamers can share their creations of custom shoes with the 2K community.



As for the gameplay, less clipping of the poor replay screenshots would be much appreciated by our players. Considering the popular Badge System, there is room and a need for more badges. Apart from these, new situational animations, better transition defense and user-controlled hard fouls are required to be add to the wishlist of NBA 2K18.


Considering the complaints from offline players that the gaming experience is slanted drastically toward the online gamer. Being able to designate whether a MyPlayer is for offline or online use is the way to appease everyone. The H.O.R.S.E and other shoot-around games are also asked to be new additions in online and offline play. 


While these changes are asked to be add in NBA 2K18, there are still many features conld be better. As we said in the Problems And Solutions in NBA 2K17, once NBA 2K18 solved these problems, it will be a better NBA 2K franchise.


Although we have no idea whether 2K team would adopt these suggestions, making preparation for the upcoming game is definitely a right choice. NBA 2K18 MT is the major in-game currency in NBA 2K18.


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