How to get a Vertus pet in Lost Ark?

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Lost Ark is one of the most beloved MMOs on the market, thanks to countless hours of content and endless customization options. Among the most treasured elements of the game are the many Lost Ark pets that players can tame and raise.


How to get a Vertus pet in Lost Ark?


There are cute little animals to collect to be by their side as they travel the world and fight their enemies. One of the most popular is Vertus, which came out with an updated in April.



Unlocking the Vertus pet in Lost Ark


Vertus is a powerful raid boss that takes the form of a massive four-legged dragon. A more petite and charming edition is now readily available for players ready to consider the challenge.


To begin the search for the Vertus pet, players must purchase the premium version of the Lost Ark Pass, released in April. Players have until June 18th to buy this pass and begin its quests.


Once players have purchased the pass, they have until July 14th to complete their assigned objectives. Players must reach level 30 in Premium Mode to unlock the Vertus Pet Choice Chest and choose their favorite color.


Each day with a pass, players will be given an ever-changing set of challenges to complete. Completing these tasks rewards one XP per pass level. Reaching level 30 will take quite a while because XP is capped at 500 per week.


The premium level of the subscription will cost the player 1500 royal crystals. Players without crystals will not be able to buy 1500 pure ones. A pack of 2200 crystals sells for $19.99, so they'll spend a decent amount of money down the road.



Lost Ark Pass Path

After purchasing the pass, players must complete various tasks to unlock their chosen pet. The deadline is fast approaching, and the experience cap is low, so Lost Ark players who want Vertus should act fast.


Many regular missions can be completed every day, subject to the maximum level. . Common pass tasks include:

  • Complete 3 Una daily quests (+30 XP)
  • Clear 2 Chaos Dungeons (with Resonance Aura) (+30 XP)
  • Sweeping 2 Guardian raids (with Soul Harvest) (+30 XP)
  • Complete 2 Abyssal Dungeons (+50 XP)
  • Compete in 3 Team Elimination Matches at the Proving Ground (+30 XP)
  • Compete in 3 Team Elimination Matches in the Proving Ground (+30 XP)
  • Earn Chaos Gate rewards (+50 XP)


There is also a list of missions that can only be completed once per season. List tasks include:

  • Play an instrument 20 times (+50 XP)
  • Repair equipment 20 times (+50 XP)
  • Perform 30 frontal attacks (+30 XP)
  • Perform 30 Back Attacks (+30 XP)
  • Perform 10 counterattacks (+100 XP)
  • Exchange 1200 Una Tokens (+100 XP)
  • Use Bifrost or Ocean Line 20 times (+50 XP)
  • Use 20 flares (+50 XP)
  • Repair the ship 5 times (+50 experience)
  • Take 2 screenshots in selfie mode (+50 XP)
  • Use combat item to restore (+50 experience)
  • Attempt to hone your gear 20 times (+300 XP)
  • Fuse gems 30 times (+100 exp)
  • Attempt to transfer the skill tree 20 times (+100 experience)< /li>
  • Complete 20 Fortress Departure (+100 XP)
  • Spend 4000 Food life energy (+20 experience)
  • Enter the secret dungeon (+10 experience)
  • Get Ghost Ship rewards twice (+50XP)
  • Get Island of Adventure rewards 3 times (+40XP)
  • Get Field Boss rewards 3 times (+50XP)


By completing these quests and keeping the level cap in mind, Lost Ark players can rise through the ranks. Just complete this list to get your desired pet.


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