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NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Get Fame Flashy Passer Badge

With the release of NBA 2K17, most of gamers are starting to collect badges. Here's where you can score a copy for how to get the Fame Flashy Passer Badge. More NBA 2K17 news please keep eyes on U4NBA.COM.


With over 55 badges to collect for NBA 2K17, there are some badges that are easy to get. However, there are also those which need more effort. Hence, a gamer would need the NBA 2K17 Badges Guide in order to acquire these hard-to-earn badges like the Hall of Fame Flashy Passer Badge.



How To Get The Hall Of Fame Flashy Passer Badge

First, one needs to get the Flashy Passer badge merely by double tapping the circle button on PlayStation 4 or double tapping B for Xbox One players. Doing this will allow the player to perform a flashy pass, BitBag reported. Without the need to get a score, a player could get 50 flashy passes in a single season.



Then to get the Hall Of Fame Flashy Passer Badge, a player needs to do 50 more extra passes. This means that a total of 100 flashy passes are needed for one season. Apparently, it is easy but you have to get it faster earlier in the game so that you will have time to get the other badges.


Hall of Fame Badges

A Hall of Fame badge is not just one badge. It actually refers to the highest version of a badge that a player can get. Gamers can get the Hall Of Fame Flashy Passer Badge easily within two games.




At least 54 flashy passes can be acquired in one game if a player will do a minimum of five passes with 10 possessions, YouTuber AtomicMoon said. For maximum time to get the flashy passes, one has to set the game clock at 12 minutes.


NBA 2K17 Badges Guide also advice players to adjust the difficulty settings for rookies to have an easier play through. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our NBA 2K17 articles here on U4NBA!

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