NBA 2K17 MyLeague/MyGM Plans

u4nba Date: Aug/04/16 16:37:42 Views: 1991

One MyGM file will be expanding with two preset teams: the Louisville Liberty and the Vancouver Ravens. I'll control the former, because I've never been able to build a team from scratch with realistic expansion-draft rules.

The last time I've been able to was in NBA Live '96 on the Super NES, where the expansion Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies didn't have their rosters in the game at shipping, so you had to draft them yourself. Just one problem...there were no protected players, so you could draft away Hakeem Olajuwon with your first pick if you wanted. If memory serves, the only restriction was the real-life rule that no team could lose more than one player. (Strangely, the CPU-controlled expansion team kept it somewhat realistic with their picks, which means there WAS a protected list in the game code somewhere...)


Anyway, the other MyGM file will also be expanding, this time with the Seattle Supersonics and one other preset team to be determined.


However, the reason I'm doing this file second instead of first is because I'll be waiting for YOU guys to make the template for the logo/jersey/arena/court creation, now that you can download all of that as one package. I'm not exactly good at design or Photoshop.


And hopefully you guys make it look as close to Chris Hansen's proposed arena as possible within the game's assets.