NBA 2K18 & NBA Esports League: The Full List Of The 17 Teams

u4nba Date: Sep/28/17 04:47:45 Views: 2507

NBA 2K18 is now available on various platforms, the game aim to provide entertainment to all fans. It's announced that the first season of the NBA 2K18 League will begin next year in May 2018. The league is a bizarre and interesting mix between reality and esports. Similar to the actual NBA, the esports league will have real teams select players that will represent them on the virtual court. You can enjoy authentic and immerse NBA 2K18 league by buying NBA 2K18 MT



Up to now, only 17 of the 30 total national teams are hosting esports teams. Each of the 17 NBA teams will select five players to officially join their organization. This is the full list of the 17 teams that will be participating in the first season of the NBA 2K18 Esports League: 


Utah Jazz

Miami Heat

Boston Celtics

Detroit Pistons

Indiana Pacers

Orlando Magic

Toronto Raptors

Dallas Mavericks

Milwaukee Bucks

New York Knicks

Philadelphia 76ers

Sacramento Kings

Memphis Grizzlies

Cleveland Cavaliers

Washington Wizards

Portland Trail Blazers

Golden State Warriors


These are legit teams, complete with the same features that their real counterparts currently have. Keep in mind, NBA teams will begin drafting eSports players in mid-March 2018, tryouts will be held a month before. What sets this league apart from the rest is the fact that teams will be owned by the NBA's professional teams. Don't miss out the latest NBA 2K18's update and news, source from here